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Acquisition of Open Market  Escrow Portfolios 

Blue Rose Capital Advisors excels at structuring and procuring open market escrow portfolios for our clients. We offer analysis for the purchase of open market securities both when the SLGS window is closed and when the window is open. Purchasing open market securities in lieu of SLGS can deliver an earnings benefit while meeting all the requirements in governing bond documents. With a team that has experience in structuring and procuring open market escrow portfolios, Blue Rose can provide this highly specialized service quickly and expertly.

From SLGS to Open Market Security Portfolios

Due to their safety and ease of use, State and Local Government Series (“SLGS”) securities are typically the preferred choice for many advance refunding escrow transactions, particularly in low interest rate environments. However, open market securities can also be considered by clients for advance refunding escrows, especially for larger transactions or those with a longer call date. Open market securities are also used when the Bureau of Public Debt closes the SLGS window or when SLGS are not eligible. Blue Rose is adept at assisting clients with purchasing open market Treasury securities to fund refunding escrows through a bidding process that complies with the Treasury regulations.

Blue Rose Capital Advisors can provide this highly specialized service on short notice. From determining the open market securities eligible for investment to providing bidding agent certificates and other documentation, we provide the expertise needed for a rapid, transparent, and compliant process.

The competitive and compliant acquisition of open market securities often can add measurable transactional value versus SLGS. This is particularly true for advance refunding escrows of longer duration. Open market security portfolios can generate material incremental savings compared to SLGS while adhering to all applicable Treasury regulations.

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