Additional Advisory Services

Blue Rose offers our clients a range of other services outside our usual scope of debt advisory, derivatives advisory, and reinvestment advisory services. Some of our additional advisory services include consulting on public-private partnerships (“P3s”), restructuring, operational consulting, bankruptcy, budget modeling, and more. To learn more about our other advisory services, see our offerings below.


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What Can Blue Rose Offer?

Blue Rose is ready to assist your institution meet its financial obligations by analyzing a range of reorganization or restructuring options and finding clear path to financial recovery.  

Blue Rose helps you plan confidently by modeling budget scenarios and forecasting performance. Our detailed approach helps clarify your institution’s best path forward through sensitivity analyses, best/worst case, and focusing on the long-term impact of numerous factors.  

Blue Rose can bring a variety of analytical tools to help optimize your operations, tying our analyses to financial outcomes. We help you better understand what results to expect, and in what circumstances, before implementation. 

Blue Rose delivers thorough, robust guidance throughout the evaluation, negotiation, and execution of the P3 transaction.  No Public-Private Partnership (“P3”) is alike, which is why a trusted partner is critical for these transactions.

Our team can provide guidance in winding down operations, negotiating between creditors and debtors, and projecting outcomes during liquidation. Blue Rose provides support and transparency to the process. 

Blue Rose is ready to assist you and your institution, from targeted projects to strategic realignments.  Let us know your challenges, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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  • If you are facing uncertain revenues and seek forbearance and/or restructuring, Blue Rose can assist in balancing near- and long-term objectives so that you can build and execute your turnaround strategy.  

    • We work closely with our clients and counsel to construct an interim plan and interim forbearance agreement, with the aim of getting interested parties to adopt the plan, eventually presenting it to the bond trustee and bondholders. After acceptance, we work with you to secure a final plan and final restructuring agreement, to close within one to two years.  

    • Blue Rose assists on the most important elements of forbearance and debt restructuring, including acknowledgement of indebtedness by bondholders; timing of engaging parties of interest; ratification of loan documents; the suspension of payments; consideration of additional collateral, guaranties, and other restrictions; waiver of defense and general release; consent to remedies; and other key steps in the process.  

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Operational Consulting

  • Our team will help you analyze your operational performance with models carefully designed to fit your situation, so you can confidently forecast your performance. Blue Rose will work with you to understand the factors that affect your operations and the resulting revenue, expenses, and surplus.  

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  • We help your institution navigate the bankruptcy process and maximize recoveries when insolvency becomes unavoidable. 

    • Our team will aid you in analyzing and modeling whether bankruptcy is unavoidable, and if so, how to carry out your organization’s priorities during the process of winding down.  

    • Blue Rose will help you develop a timeline and a Plan of Dissolution for how to distribute remaining assets and address satisfying liabilities. Our experts aid you in joining the strategic and tactical elements of the Plan and ultimately help preserve the organization’s legacy.  

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Budget Modeling

  • Blue Rose can help your institution forecast budget impacts arising from changes in revenue sources, potential capital or strategic projects, new policies, or a range of scenarios that influence your bottom line. Our team engages with your team to understand the organization and your goals in order to design a model that gives you a clearer perspective on budgetary outcomes.  Further, we can engage with key stakeholders to explain the positive and negative elements of forecasted actions.  

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Public-Private Partnerships ("P3") Services

  • Blue Rose’s team brings its broad experience with P3 transactions and creative approach to bear on your project so you can achieve the best financial and strategic outcomes for your organization. P3s are not “one-size-fits-all” projects, and Blue Rose can help you determine the best approach from the perspective of control, economics, risk transfer objectives, and other strategic goals. We help you envision the long-term P3 relationship beyond implementation, financing, construction, and opening.  

    • Evaluate: We help you cut through the clutter and evaluate when a P3 project makes sense for your institution. If the P3 project doesn’t work economically or strategically, we’ll let you know.

    • Engage: Once you’ve selected the P3 approach, we engage with all participants and stakeholders to ensure we secure the best possible P3 transaction structure and pricing possible. 

    • Optimize: If you have an existing P3 agreement, we will help you optimize and improve the agreement, driving further efficiencies and capitalizing on lessons learned. 

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Additional Services

  • Blue Rose’s team is ready to bring our expertise and skills to your organization’s toughest problems. Reach out to us and see what we can do for you.  

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