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Debt Advisory 

Blue Rose Capital Advisors provides a full range of services to support debt issuances by tax-exempt and taxable borrowers. We approach every transaction with the goal of reducing our clients’ overall financing costs. Our independence, expertise, and advocacy enable us to favorably impact their borrowing rates and debt service.  The end results are financings that strengthen our clients’ balance sheets now and in the future.

What Does Blue Rose Offer?


Pre-Financing Services

Blue Rose Capital Advisors offers pre-financing services that address every aspect of debt issuance, including market conditions, feasibility, and timing. Many clients rely on us to develop comprehensive feasibility studies, but an engagement can be tailored to any of these services:

  • Analysis of interest rate environment and market conditions for fixed/variable rate and taxable/tax-exempt debt

  • Development of competitive performance benchmarks for similar financings by similar organizations

  • Review of recent financial ratios and pro forma issues that may impact capital market access

  • Analysis of debt capacity and sensitivity to additional borrowing

  • Analysis of bond structures and call features

  • Development of financing timetables


Financing Execution Services

Blue Rose Capital Advisors has executed over $9 billion worth of financings in the past three years alone. We work closely with clients during a transaction, using our expertise and advocacy to minimize their interest, underwriting, and issuance costs. Our financing execution services include:

  • Assistance with selection and coordination of banking and finance teams

  • Negotiation of issuance costs

  • Negotiation of document provisions and financial covenants

  • Development of rating agency strategies and presentations

  • Management of both competitive and negotiated transactions

  • Issuance and monitoring of commercial paper

  • Preparation and review of financing and closing documents


Post-Issuance Services

After issuance, Blue Rose Capital Advisors continues to serve our clients by actively seeking opportunities to reduce their debt service costs. This can take many forms, but our post-issuance services include:

  • Tracking of investment returns

  • Monitoring of counterparty and banking partner ratings

  • Monitoring and analysis of debt market for refunding or tender opportunities

  • Evaluation of debt portfolios

  • Monitoring and analysis of secondary market trading

Independent Registered Municipal Advisor (IRMA)

The Municipal Advisor Rule was implemented by the SEC under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. The Municipal Advisor Rule defines the fiduciary and other duties of Independent Registered Municipal Advisors (IRMA) to their issuer and borrower clients. As an IRMA, Blue Rose Capital Advisors only serves the best interests of our clients, unlike underwriters and other parties with inherent conflicts of interest.

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