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Government Sector 

Blue Rose Capital Advisors provides a full range of financial advisory services to state, county, city and local agencies in the government sector. From pricing opinions to debt issuances to refinancing services, we ensure that our municipal clients have the independent advice needed to achieve their community goals.

The Government Sector Challenge

Government sector clients face an increasingly complex and volatile municipal bond market. Changing risk perceptions and improved revenue forecasts are creating both challenges and opportunities for issuers. These new dynamics are having a direct impact on the pricing of new bond issues.

The Blue Rose Advantage

Blue Rose Capital Advisors is a full-service independent firm registered as a Municipal Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board MSRB. We operate exclusively as the borrower’s independent representative and work only in our client's best interest as we provide debt issuance advice and services. Our capital markets expertise, vast experience in the government sector, and innovative solutions enable us to reduce overall borrowing costs.

What Can Blue Rose Offer Government Sector Clients?

Blue Rose has the market expertise and knowledge to support government clients with comprehensive financial advisory services, including all of the following:

In addition to straightforward general obligation municipal bonds, Blue Rose also has experience with:

  • Sales tax revenue bonds

  • Real estate and transportation revenue bonds

  • Industrial revenue bonds

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