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Non-Profit Sector 

Blue Rose Capital Advisors serves all types of non-profit organizations, from small local charities to national religious associations. We provide comprehensive consulting services in the areas of management, fundraising, and borrowing. Our creative solutions strengthen non-profit organizations and maximize their ability to achieve their missions.

The Non-Profit Sector Challenge 

Non-profit organizations face many challenges, such as the alignment, development and effective use of institutional resources. A lack of domain expertise in creditworthiness and capital markets often results in poor decisions, which can reduce organizational effectiveness and limit ability to achieve missions.

The Blue Rose Advantage

Blue Rose Capital Advisors provides solutions to unlock the optimal use of institutional resources to maximize creditworthiness and accomplish missions. Every potential engagement starts with a courtesy consultation to assess current programs, goals and resources. We help clients identify the best strategic path to improve their creditworthiness and achieve their goals and vision.

What Can Blue Rose Offer Non-Profit Sector Clients?

Blue Rose Capital Advisors offers a full range of non-profit sector services, including:

  • Advice for capital markets access and debt issuances (taxable and tax-exempt)

  • Evaluation of derivatives and investment strategies

  • Analysis of credit and debt capacity

  • Development of financial forecasting processes and tools

  • Validation of negotiated transaction prices

  • Presentation to rating agencies

  • Optimization of financial support via capital campaigns and annual fund operations​

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