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Blue Rose Capital Advisors and John S. Vincent & Company Merge

Blue Rose Capital Advisors and John S. Vincent & Company Merge to Create a Stronger Financial Advisory Firm for Higher Education Institutions

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – January 15, 2015 – Blue Rose Capital Advisors and John S. Vincent & Company have merged effective December 30, 2014, creating a stronger financial advisory firm for higher education institutions. The combined firm will continue as Blue Rose Capital Advisors with offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, Columbus and New York City.

With the addition of John Vincent and his team, Blue Rose Capital Advisors has provided financial advisory services on over $90 billion worth of financings. The firm presently serves more than 50 higher education institutions, with additional clients in the healthcare, non-profit, corporate and government sectors.

“This merger is an opportunity for two successful, complementary firms to join forces and deliver even better service to our mutual clients,” said Erik Kelly, President of Blue Rose Capital Advisors. “We welcome John Vincent and his colleagues James McNulty, Jonathan Mieling and Patti Madro to our organization.”

“By combining our resources, we are a stronger firm than either standing alone,” said John Vincent, now Managing Director at Blue Rose Capital Advisors. “I’m looking forward to the additional services that Blue Rose brings to the table in terms of price discovery and systems. We both share a passion for meeting the needs of the institutions we serve.”

“John Vincent has been a professional colleague since I began my investment banking career 35 years ago and I have developed tremendous respect for him,” said Bill Elliott, Managing Director at Blue Rose Capital Advisors. “To work side-by-side with John and his team as a financial advisor serving mutual clients is a great privilege and opportunity.”

Higher education institutions face a changing economic and operational environment which impacts their ability to secure, renew and restructure institutional debt. Well-managed transactions can improve creditworthiness, minimize debt service costs, and strengthen issuers for the future. Blue Rose Capital Advisors understands these challenges and delivers financial advisory services resulting in successful debt transactions and favorable financial outlooks for the institutions we serve.



Blue Rose Capital Advisors is a full-service independent financial advisory firm that serves the education, healthcare, non-profit, corporate and government sectors, with a specialization in higher education institutions. Blue Rose provides traditional capital market advisory, derivatives advisory, P3 advisory, reinvestment services, and other specialized services to help clients achieve their goals.  Blue Rose is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) as a Municipal Advisor.  To learn more about Blue Rose Capital Advisors, please visit

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