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Blue Rose’s Justin Krieg promoted to Senior Vice President

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Justin Krieg provides financial and economic consulting services to the firm’s clients. Within the firm’s P3 advisory practice, Dr. Krieg utilizes his knowledge and experience to assist clients in understanding the P3 approach to procurement, determining the appropriateness of the range of delivery methods, and ensuring that the long-term P3 partnerships rest on a secure financial and economic foundation. In his work for clients, Dr. Krieg specializes in the evaluation of the economics and assumptions that underpin dynamic cash flow project models, and closely studies how certain models will perform economically across the range of inputs and stress-tests. His work also helps to inform risk transfer and mitigation concepts with private partners.

“Justin has continuously demonstrated his analytical skill and attention to detail in the wide-ranging projects that he works on,” said Erik Kelly, President of Blue Rose. “His promotion is well-deserved and reflective of his increasing importance to our organization.”

Please join us in celebrating Dr. Krieg’s accomplishments!


Minneapolis Office 

Office: 952-746-6045
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