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Healthcare Sector

Blue Rose Capital Advisors provides independent financial consulting services and innovative debt solutions to hospitals, physician health groups, and other healthcare organizations. Our broad client base and deep expertise in capital markets allow us to bring perspective and creativity to the challenges and opportunities that healthcare organizations face.

The Healthcare Sector Challenge

Hospitals and healthcare systems are facing increasing financial challenges due to reductions in Medicare reimbursements and reduced research funding. Reduced creditworthiness and downgraded bond ratings often result negatively, impacting balance sheets and the costs of debt financing.

The Blue Rose Advantage

Blue Rose Capital Advisors serves free-standing community hospitals, small and large hospital systems, academic medical centers, children's hospitals, and specialty hospitals. We bring expert guidance and independent advocacy to clients, delivering  resourceful solutions for strengthening balance sheets and creditworthiness.

What Can Blue Rose Offer Healthcare Sector Clients?

Blue Rose offers a comprehensive range of healthcare sector services, including:

  • Advice for capital markets access and debt issuances (taxable and tax-exempt)

  • Evaluation of derivatives and investment strategies

  • Analysis of credit and debt capacity

  • Development of financial forecasting processes and tools

  • Validation of negotiated transaction prices

  • Presentation to rating agencies

  • Optimization of financial support via capital campaigns and annual fund operations

Blue Rose has experience with a wide range of transactions for healthcare organizations, including:

  • Fixed and variable rate bond issuance

  • Letters of credit

  • Private placement

  • Operating lines of credit

  • Treasury services RFP

  • Interest rate swap terminations

  • New interest rate swap transactions

  • Total return swaps

  • Extinguishing existing indebtedness

  • Escrow options

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