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Blue Rose Capital Advisors is an independent financial advisory firm for public and private educational institutions, with a specialization in the higher education sector. We provide unique service offerings that leverage our deep experience in education and strong relationships with legal counsel serving academia. Our education sector clients expect us to advocate for them, know the latest issues affecting their missions, and deliver the innovative solutions they need.

The Education Sector Challenge

Educational institutions must secure, renew and restructure institutional debt in a time of intensifying economic and operational stresses. Poorly managed transactions can reduce creditworthiness and lead to higher costs of issuance and borrowing, as well as leave educational institutions weakened for the future.

The Blue Rose Advantage

Blue Rose Capital Advisors has a proud history of serving education sector clients as an independent financial advisory firm. From major public universities to private primary schools, we understand the unique challenges our clients face and know how to strengthen their balance sheets now and in the future. From reducing costs of debt financing to central bank implementation to monitoring market opportunities, Blue Rose delivers innovative solutions.

Higher Education Sector

What Can Blue Rose Offer Education Sector Clients?

Blue Rose Capital Advisors provides comprehensive financial advisory services for educational institutions that range from limited engagements for specific financings to long-term consulting relationships. Some of our specific services include:

  • Advice for capital markets access and debt issuances (taxable and tax-exempt)

  • Evaluation of derivatives and investment strategies

  • Analysis of credit and debt capacity

  • Development of financial forecasting processes and tools

  • Validation of negotiated transaction prices

  • Presentation to rating agencies

  • Optimization of financial support via capital campaigns and annual fund operations

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