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Our Services

Blue Rose Capital Advisors is a full-service independent financial advisory firm that serves clients of all sizes and sectors, with a specialization in higher education institutions. Our breadth and depth of knowledge allow Blue Rose to deliver innovative solutions tailored for almost any need. We work together with clients to make wise investments, hedge finances when needed, make recommendations about debt deferment when the choice seems necessary, and use compatible governance to strengthen balance sheets now and in the future.


Innovative, resourceful, and transparent debt solutions for tax-exempt and taxable issuers. 

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Derivatives Advisory 

Transparency and advocacy that make derivative solutions easier to understand and leverage. 

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Guidance for debt defeasance and escrow fund structuring, investment solicitation, and reinvestment of borrowed money.

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Additional Advisory

Offering a range of other services outside our usual scope of debt advisory, derivatives advisory, and reinvestment advisory services.

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