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Reinvestment Advisory

Blue Rose Capital Advisors offers comprehensive reinvestment services that span debt defeasance or dissolution and advance refundings. We provide expert guidance for developing escrow strategies, restructuring funds, soliciting favorable proposals, and closing tax-exempt and taxable transactions. When reinvestment is on the table, Blue Rose helps our clients make the best choices possible.

What Can Blue Rose Offer?

Blue Rose consistently produces economic benefits to our clients through the competitive bidding of qualified investments for bond funds and open market securities for escrows.


  • We offer unparalleled knowledge, experience, and service delivery

  • We help clients decide how to reinvest bond proceeds based on security, cash flow needs, accounting considerations, and return on investment.

  • We collaborate with our client, bond counsel, tax counsel, and the underwriting team throughout the reinvestment process.

Our Services

The reinvestment of municipal bond proceeds is equally important to the actual offering of the bonds. We work with issuers to ascertain their risk tolerance, legal restrictions, and cash flow needs to determine the optimal reinvestment structure for their transactions.


Bid Process

  • Determine appropriate structure

  • Consider arbitrage rebate liabilities

  • Prepare bid specifications for client/bond counsel approval

  • Distribute bid specifications to “the Street”

  • Address feedback or concerns from potential bidders to ensure optimal market receptivity

  • Receive bids, present bids to client and bond counsel for review, and respond to any questions

  • Award bid to winner


  • Coordinate with client, bond counsel, trustee, and provider's counsel to ensure documents are drafted according to bid specifications

  • Negotiate points of contention, if necessary

  • Confirm timely delivery of securities and/or funds

  • Arrange efficient document execution



Review existing investments to help determine whether current market conditions or a change in your needs might allow for restructuring into either a higher yielding investment or a better suited investment.

Reinvestment Products and Funds

Blue Rose has extensive experience in all the traditional reinvestment products as well as many of the more customized solutions. 




  • Callable Escrows

  • Flexible Repurchase Agreements

  • Forward Purchase Agreements

  • Guaranteed Investment Contracts

  • Securities Portfolios

  • Synthetic Sureties


Funds for Reinvestment


  • Bond Funds

  • Capitalized Interest Funds

  • Construction Funds

  • Debt Service Funds/Sinking Funds

  • Debt Service Reserve Funds

  • Defeasance Escrows

Blue Rose is registered as a Municipal Advisor with the SEC and the MSRB.


  • The regulatory world is constantly changing. We are positioned to provide advice and recommendations to tax-exempt issuers.

  • We operate with a client-first mentality, always striving to place their interests ahead of our own.

Blue Rose Capital Advisors excels at structuring and procuring open market escrow portfolios for our clients. We offer analysis for the purchase of open market securities both when the SLGS window is closed and when the window is open. Purchasing open market securities in lieu of SLGS can deliver an earnings benefit while meeting all the requirements in governing bond documents. With a leadership team that has over 50 years of combined experience in structuring and procuring open market escrow portfolios, Blue Rose can provide this highly specialized service quickly and expertly.

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