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Blue Rose’s John Elliott promoted to Assistant Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Minneapolis, MN | July 12, 2022 | Blue Rose Capital Advisors

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John Elliott is promoted to Assistant Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at Blue Rose Capital Advisors. Mr. Elliott joined Blue Rose’s California office as an Associate in 2021. He was responsible for consulting engagements and providing analytical and research support to the lead advisory team for Blue Rose’s P3 advisory and the municipal debt advisory practice, along with assisting the Chief Compliance Officer in meeting regulatory compliance and monitoring requirements.

In his new role, Mr. Elliott will assume the duties of the Chief Compliance Officer and be tasked with maintaining responsibility for client contracts and disclosures. He will continue to provide analytical and research support for Blue Rose’s P3 and debt advisory practice and will also serve on the project team by providing expertise in documentation review and legal requirements for many of the firm’s clients.

“To no one’s surprise, John has quickly proven himself as a diligent researcher, thoughtful advisor, and trusted colleague,” said Erik Kelly, President of Blue Rose. “John’s advancement in the organization is well deserved and we look forward to his continued success.”

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Elliott!

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