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Blue Rose Capital Advisors 

Blue Rose Capital Advisors is a full-service independent financial advisory firm that serves the higher education, non-profit, healthcare, governmental, and corporate sectors. Blue Rose is a registered Municipal Advisor.

Our Services

Seeking a trusted, independent financial advisory firm?



Innovative, resourceful and transparent debt solutions for tax-exempt and taxable issuers.


Derivatives Advisory 

Transparency and advocacy that make derivative solutions easier to understand and leverage.


Reinvestment Advisory 

Guidance for debt defeasance and escrow fund structuring, investment solicitation, and reinvestment of borrowed money.




Offering of a range of other services outside our usual scope of debt advisory, derivatives advisory, and reinvestment advisory services.


Blue Rose brings expert guidance and transparency to the often complex and opaque sectors of the capital markets. We embrace our fiduciary duty to our clients and work tirelessly to strengthen their debt transactions, governance, and balance sheets. With our wealth of real-time data, sophisticated modeling capability, and deep industry relationships, we can deliver solutions to almost any financing challenge.

The Blue Rose Advantage

Blue Rose has more than 140 years of combined experience in public finance.

Blue Rose offers debt, derivatives, reinvestment, and P3 advisory services to our clients.

Blue Rose has clients ranging from large public universities to small non-profits.

Blue Rose is registered as a Municipal Advisor.

Blue Rose fulfills its fiduciary duty in service to our clients.

Blue Rose leverages our independence and expertise to deliver insightful advisory services and innovative debt solutions. 

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