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Blue Rose Capital Advisors thrives on the opportunity to tackle new challenges and develop innovative products and services to meet the changing needs of our clients. There are times, however, when an outside expert can provide those services more efficiently. We have developed an independently staffed affiliate firm whose offerings complement the services we provide.


HedgeStar logo

HedgeStar, LLC

HedgeStar, previously DerivActiv, is a leading independent provider of hedge accounting, valuations, and fair value measurements for a broad range of financial instruments, including fixed income, currency and equity derivatives. Since 2004, HedgeStar has kept abreast of ever-changing accounting standards, interpretations and reporting requirements to bring the latest information to our clients, which include non-profits, municipalities, banks and corporations.

Excelsior Capital Advisors logo

Excelsior Capital Advisors, LLC

Excelsior Capital Advisors, LLC is a New York-based municipal advisor specializing in providing capital markets financial advisory services to higher education institutions and non-profit organizations. Excelsior’s services include advising on new project financing, debt refinancing and restructuring, and affiliations and mergers. Principal Tom Cullinan brings over 30 years of experience in public finance to help clients navigate complex financial landscapes. Through our partnership, Blue Rose functions as a co-advisor with Excelsior for a range of services and transactions. Excelsior Capital Advisors is a registered Municipal Advisor with the SEC and MSRB.

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