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Our Values in Action

Blue Rose Capital Advisors is an avid supporter of many charities, including those listed below. Through direct contributions, volunteer time and effort, or participation in fundraising activities including golf tournaments and runs, we demonstrate our commitment to building stronger communities.







Donations in Lieu of Gifts at Holiday Time

For the past few years, Blue Rose has made a practice of sending donations to charitable organizations instead of sending gifts to clients and partners.  Our goal each year is to make a donation that will have a meaningful impact on the charity or charities selected. We strive to include both locally-based and national charities, including those listed under “Charities We Support.”

Charities We Support

Blue Rose Capital Advisors is an avid supporter of many charities. We have listed some of the charities we've supported below. In addition to monetary support, members of Blue Rose also provide volunteer time and effort to help. 

Valley Outreach logo
Valley Outreach

Valley Outreach provides these services in a welcoming and non-judgmental manner that maintains their clients’ dignity. Their service delivery model is specifically designed to demonstrate their focus on respect, support, and empowerment.  You can learn more about Valley Outreach and the services they provide here on this link.
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